Texas Democrats Get Exactly What They Deserve for Childish Behavior

The Texas Democrats abandoned their posts and their people because they did not want to witness the passing of a bill that would make voting in Texas more secure. The liberals need relaxed laws to get the votes they need to stay in power. Secure voting methods will not allow them to cheat and find […]

AZ Senate Pres: We Don’t Have Authority to Recall State’s Electors

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Arizona election audit that is still ongoing and likely quite a bit about the recent findings and results so far produced from it. Among them are some rather significant discrepancies, including some 74,000 ballots with no record of being ever sent out, let alone requested and […]

Workers Staying Out of the Labor Force to Keep Government Handouts May Be Replaced By New Technologies

It is easy to see the ramifications of the labor shortage that has plagued employers ever since the COVID-19 lockdown. Now there are new reports that the present shortage may continue because of how the job vacancies have been met by robotic or technological solutions. As the economy in the United States is recovering from […]

Biden Nominates an Ecoterrorist for the Bureau of Land Management…Yikes!

Does Biden just close his eyes and pick random people for high-profile positions? It would seem that way, especially as many of his nominations continue to get hung up on various issues instead of being confirmed right away. Either he’s not bothering to do any research on his nominations or he genuinely doesn’t care what […]

US Navy Not Prepared for War Because of Diversity Training?

As you likely heard, if not experienced yourself, there has been a massive push in recent years to increase the amount of diversity training and general ‘wokeness’ in our military branches. And to some degree, that’s a good thing. However, as a recent report indicates, it has come at a cost – and a rather […]

Capitol Police Get Massive Military-Grade Gift from DOD

We’ve all heard it said, the January 6 Capitol incursion was our nation’s darkest day of the modern era – as if hundreds of people died, the government was flipped on its head, or a near-earth-ending event took place. At least that’s the political left’s version. As a result, literal walls and gates were put […]

Republicans Calling on Biden to Do the Right Thing for Cuba

The American people have a real chance to help oppressed communist people taste freedom for the first time in many decades. For years Cuban dictators have lavished unspeakable horrors on their people. But now that the people are fighting back, there is a real chance for peace and freedom in a country controlled by hatred […]

Democrats and MLB Will Hate These Ads to Appear During All-Star Game

As you likely know, this week was Major League Baseball’s most significant of the year, holding both the Home Run Derby on Monday and the All-Star Game on Tuesday. And while Midsummer Classic itself wasn’t too out of the ordinary, a couple of the ads playing during the games most certainly were. If you watched […]

Top Economists Warn Americans to “Brace Themselves” for Highest Inflation in Decades

A new report surfaced over the weekend that highlighted real concern from top U.S. economists about the impact of President Joe Biden’s massive government spending. The Wall Street Journal reported that “Americans should brace themselves for several years of higher inflation than they’ve seen in decades, according to economists who expect the robust post-pandemic economic […]

Lawmakers and Civil Rights Activists Attack Local Heroes for Keeping the Peace

While the Democrats are in power, the ignorant will play. The push to defund and destroy the police forces around the country has risen to new heights as many civil rights groups have selfishly drafted a letter and sent it to lawmakers demanding that they punish police officers for doing their job. The Republicans have […]

Whitmer is Blasted for Trying to be a Monarch

It shouldn’t shock anyone to hear that liberal and oppressive Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer has made her fair share of enemies over the past year or so. I mean, she practically stands alone at the top of the list of the most tyrannical leaders in the US right now, right up there with California’s Gavin […]

Biden Breaks Awful Records With Administration Staff

Biden disappointed conservatives in more ways than one while in the Oval Office and he has broken a few records in his time in the White House and it’s recently been discovered that his new record-breaking statistic is costing taxpayers big time. According to a new report cited in the Independent Journal Review, the current president […]

Both Biden and Press Secretary Psaki Declare Door to Door Plan for Those Not Vaccinated

Pull your shades and get ready to not answer your door! On Tuesday both President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki spoke about a new plan for those who choose not to be vaccinated. They described a “door-to-door” approach to convince Americans to get vaccinated in response to COVID-19. As you can […]

Sen. Cotton Goes After New York Times Story on the Divisiveness of Our Flag

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) took issue with a news story from the New York Times that was printed over the Independence Day weekend. The article was about the divisiveness of the United States flag, with stories of how displaying the flag has become a symbol of divisive political affiliation. Sen. Cotton appeared Monday on “Fox […]

Supreme Court Kicks Democrats in Stomach as They Uphold AZ Election Laws

For several months the Democratic Party has taken changing elections laws to court in several states. They want to keep things the same to continue to cheat the same way they have done in past elections. But many Republican states are changing election laws to make them secure and safe to bolster voters’ faith. After […]

Kamala Harris Found Neglecting Her Staff–They Hate Working for Her

Kamala Harris is by far the worst vice president ever to hold office. She has neglected the country by refusing to do the tasks as assigned by Joe Biden. She ignores the cries of the people that are suffering the ill effects of her secondary administration. But it is not only the nation suffering under […]

Lawmaker Demands Shakeup on Olympic Team – Progressives Are Furious

Up until now, it has seemed a given that anyone who hoped to represent the United States would also need to at least respect it. That’s not been the case in some of the Olympians representing the United States at the upcoming Olympics, however. Questions about loyalty, patriotism, and what should be the requirements for […]

Dead Like He Promised: The Truth Surrounding the Death of Tech Millionaire and How he Promised he Would Go

The death of cybersecurity tycoon John McAfee rocked the nation. Not only did his demise come as a surprise to many, but the circumstances surrounding it were also suspicious, to say the very least. McAfee was iconic in a few ways, first, he was one of the founding members of what we now know as […]

China’s Been Exaggerating Its Power

Since, well, just about as long as anyone can remember, the communist nation of China has always seemed a credible threat and on several fronts. Firstly, they are an extensive and heavily populated nation. Secondly, they have obtained a somewhat intimidating military force. And thirdly, they have always been thought of as a technological giant, […]

Lame Liberals Still Trying to Erase Donald Trump From History–See Their Latest Childish Move

Donald Trump has been by far the most influential president to have ever served the American people. His ability to unite people of different cultures and nationalities is unsurpassed in American history. He was loved by people, which is one reason the Democrats despised him so much. He did things for the people instead of […]

Sen. Hawley urged the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to Consider Adding Canada to its Watch List

Republican Senator Josh Hawley from Missouri has now urged the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to possibly add Canada to its watch list. This is due to the way the nation has been treating their pastors in recent months. Not long ago a Polish-Canadian pastor was arrested and jailed for holding church services […]

Transgender Runner Banned from Olympic Competition

A biologically male runner has been banned from the women’s 400-meter Olympic hurdle event. This runner was kept out of the competition because “she” did not meet the World Athletics conditions on testosterone levels. “CeCe [Telfer] has turned her focus towards the future and is continuing to train,” the transgender athlete’s manager said. The trainer added […]

4,000 Test Positive for COVID After Being Fully Vaccinated in One State

There’s no question that new technologies and innovations are great. However, sometimes they don’t always work as planned when they are first introduced. Bugs are found, kinks need to be worked out, and fixes made to ensure that they are working to the best of their ability. It’s why buying the latest and greatest car […]

Could Another Republican Have Better Chances in 2024? High Profile GOP Politician Could Give Trump a Run for His Money

Republicans nationwide have been hoping (and likely praying) that former President Donald Trump wasn’t a one-term wonder. There have been accusations he should still be president, but even for those who think he lost fair and square, many have held onto the fact that he could still serve a second term as the great hope […]

Mental Future of Kids Protected From Dangerous Lifestyles

The liberal teaching that a man loving a man can adopt a child and pretend to be a family is poisonous to society. These people seek to force their unnatural will on everyone by attacking agencies such as the Catholic Social Services. CSS is an organization that helps families adopt children. But they refuse to […]

Global Leaders Racing Towards Iran Nuclear Deal Must Be Wearing Blinders…New President Under Human Rights Sanctions

Global leaders seem to be running forward with blinders on in their pursuit of a nuclear deal with Iran. They continue even though the newly elected Iranian president is under sanctions by the United States for human rights violations, according to the Associated Press. There are nuclear agreement talks happening now at the Grand Hotel […]

Biden’s Most Horrifying Move is One No One is Talking About

The United States of America is under attack by a silent enemy. The Democratic media loves to force people to focus on their puppet Joe Biden. By keeping attention on the old man, the media can keep the real enemy in the shadows. Real power lives on long after a president leaves office in the […]

Political Truth Damages Trust in Scientific Investigation

Donald Trump is still an enemy of the Democratic Party. He messed them up so bad they will never fully recover enough to stop trying to hurt the man. He was the one person that was not afraid to stand up to the bullies in Congress that whined and cried about how they were not […]

Senate Launches Plan to Create Votes Just for Dems

Certain discussion topics seem to pop up every few years in politics, namely when the political left has some sort of majority. And at the top of the list is the possibility of making Washington D.C. a full-fledged state. Now that Democrats have assumed control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of […]

AOC Gets Called out by Her Tia Like the Petulant Child She Is

New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no end of PR magic flowing through her social media accounts, but on one of her most recent rampages against conservatives, she might have gone just a little too far. Ocasio-Cortez makes no secret of her hatred for former President Donald Trump. She also makes no bones about […]

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