Biden’s Most Horrifying Move is One No One is Talking About

The United States of America is under attack by a silent enemy. The Democratic media loves to force people to focus on their puppet Joe Biden. By keeping attention on the old man, the media can keep the real enemy in the shadows. Real power lives on long after a president leaves office in the […]

Political Truth Damages Trust in Scientific Investigation

Donald Trump is still an enemy of the Democratic Party. He messed them up so bad they will never fully recover enough to stop trying to hurt the man. He was the one person that was not afraid to stand up to the bullies in Congress that whined and cried about how they were not […]

Senate Launches Plan to Create Votes Just for Dems

Certain discussion topics seem to pop up every few years in politics, namely when the political left has some sort of majority. And at the top of the list is the possibility of making Washington D.C. a full-fledged state. Now that Democrats have assumed control of the White House, the Senate, and the House of […]

AOC Gets Called out by Her Tia Like the Petulant Child She Is

New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has no end of PR magic flowing through her social media accounts, but on one of her most recent rampages against conservatives, she might have gone just a little too far. Ocasio-Cortez makes no secret of her hatred for former President Donald Trump. She also makes no bones about […]

Biden: The Great American Bumble Is at It Again

President Joe Biden is by far the craziest man to sit in the White House. His mind is in a state of decline, and his health is not the best. But for some strange reason, he was the best the Democrats had to compete with. And they still had to rig parts of the election […]

Omar the Clown Takes off Makeup to Show Her True Nature

Ilhan Omar is an adnominally that represents a sect of people that believes America needs to fall. She would rather bite the hand of the nation that accepted her family as a refugee and spit on the graves of the people that gave their lives to give her the freedom she now enjoys than stand […]

AOC Not Backing Down in Support of Rep. Ilhan Omar…She was “Absolutely Mischaracterized”

AOC and Omar are once again controversial bedfellows. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made a strong defense of her far-left congressional counterpart, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), during an interview on Sunday with CNN’s Dana Bash. She focused on Omar’s controversial comments that equated the United States and Israel to terrorist organizations. AOC declared that Omar’s words […]

Rand Paul Destroys Idea of COVID Passports

Joe Biden had once flaunted the idea of making everyone with a COVID shot carry a COVID passport. They would display their badge of honor around and not have to wear a mask in public any longer. But his idea started falling short with a lot of conservatives because it violated one primary fundamental issue. […]

Putin Is Silencing His Opposition in Preparation of Russia’s Sept Elections…There’s More Than One Way to Skin a Mink

There is no denying that Vladimir Putin controls Russia. On August 9, 1999, then-president Boris Yeltsin appointed Putin as acting Prime Minister and he’s never left. As a former KGB operative, the much younger Putin had enough of the right contacts in the right places to secure his future. Putin has remained in the roles […]

Look! Hunter Biden’s a Bloody Racist!

We haven’t had any good news about Hunter Biden lately. If our president knows what’s good for him (and his ratings), he’s likely told his son to stay out of trouble. Seeing as how the drug addict and swindler can’t seem to stay out of the news for long, it was only a matter of […]

Hunter Biden Helped Corrupt Chinese, Ukrainians, and, Now, Romanians

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all the rumors alleging Hunter Biden, the eldest living child of Democratic President Joe Biden, as one seriously corrupt individual. From his known drug problems and affair with a stripper that made him a father to his sketchy business dealings in both China and Ukraine, it’s no small wonder […]

Children of Dead ISIS Fighters Are Being Taught Nothing Other Than to Kill Infidels…and They’re Growing up Fast…Thousands of Them

While they say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, you can train young and fragile human minds to respond to almost anything. “Eat your dinner.” “Clean your room.” “Go kill that guy.” If that last command seems overly dramatic, it’s only because you’ve never witnessed young children in a Syrian camp being taught […]

Democrats Provide List of Crimes People Can Get Away With

The movement to defund the police has all but backfired in significant cities that tried the socialist idea. The Democrats running the show ignorantly bowed to the wishes of a few people and found out the hard way what happens when there are no law enforcement officers to keep people from breaking the law and […]

AOC Shows Stupidity with How to Reduce Crime

Every now and then, someone says something so stupid that it causes your eye to twitch. That’s usually what happens when Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez speaks. She has a new plan to reduce the number of people going to jail. This would sound like good news, right? There’s going to be some kind of criminal reform program […]

Desantis Deals Fatal Blow to Those Who Stand Against His Protection of Girls Sports

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to protecting the sports for Florida girls, as was evidenced by his recent move to ban natural-born males from competing against those born females. DeSantis told the NCAA what they could do with their forceful opinions on transgender integration in his state’s high schools […]

SCOTUS Votes to Take Migrants at Their Word…They Don’t Need to See Previous Investigations

Migrants were just handed a silver platter engraved with the word “welcome,” or so they think. If denied entry by an immigration judge they have always had the unalienated right to contest their individual cases before the U.S. Supreme Court. This ruling hasn’t changed, but thanks to a slight twist in the way the process […]

Texas Gov Infuriates Liberals by Finding Way to Rip Money out of the Hands of Politicians Who Refuse to Work for Their Constituents

Texas has made more than one controversial move in its illustrious history, but few are likely to solicit as much rage as taking the money away from a liberal. But that’s exactly what Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas is doing. The Lone Star State’s leader got the crap fest kicked off on Monday when he […]

UPDATE: Study on Long Term Immunity to COVID Revealed

Democrats all over the country are worried over a report that has been released from the Washington University School of Medicine located in St. Louis. For over a year, they have pushed how important it was for people to get a vaccine and to stay at to keep from getting the coronavirus. They lied about […]

Hatred Leads to Abandonment of American People as Biden Boycotts Search for Truth

China is the one country that is responsible for the horrors of the past 18 months. All facts pointed to their little viral lab in the Wuhan region as the epicenter of the coronavirus. When the fingers were being pointed, China started hiding the evidence and kicking people out of the country in an effort […]

Extremism: What Is and Isn’t Allowed in the Military

Extremism, left or right, is not permitted in the military. After the January 6 riots at the Capitol, where many were found to be former or current members of the military, the Biden administration has been more concerned about locating extremism in all branches of the military. The Department of Defense prohibits all service members […]

Police Reform? Not if the Squad Has Any Say

The police is not going to be defunded. Although there are plenty of left-wing liberals who think that’s the only way to prove that the U.S. isn’t systemically racist, it will never happen. However, there is a need to conduct a reform. It’s critical that the police departments are playing fair – and that society […]

Public Safety vs. Immigration: Let the Rapists and Murders In and Win

It’s always good to know where the Department of Homeland Security Secretary stands on important issues. Alejandro Mayorkas has proven once and for all that he’s on the side of the illegal aliens. American citizens be damned. His utter disregard for public safety is astonishing. It is obvious with his move to end a local […]

GOP States Join to Fight Biden’s Failed Immigration Policies

In recent months, it has become glaringly obvious that what the Biden administration has done at our southern border isn’t working. Instead of the border crisis being fixed, as Biden promised it would be, the number of illegal crossings and those housed in border facilities have only increased. In March, the highest number ever of […]

Kennedy: Believe in the Easter Bunny if You Believe the Border Is Closed

Louisiana Republican Sen. John Kennedy didn’t pull any punches when talking about Americans putting their head in the hot Texas desert sand about illegal immigration. The longtime conservative with the very famous name appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Monday, saying that the continued crisis at the border between the United States and […]

The Fight to Keep Confederate Names by Choosing Another Historic Reference

Confederate names are found everywhere – on schools, on public buildings, and even on military bases. The problem is that the Confederate names remind liberals that the country hasn’t always been perfect. Rather than accepting that it was a part of our history, they’ve set to erase those little memories. When Congress chose to pass […]

Cuomo Apology: Hear Chris Cuomo Speak Up About His Brother’s Sexual Harassment Case

It might be a good idea to take your umbrella to work today since many are expecting to see pigs fly. While that may or may not be a real recommendation, what is very real is the surprise experienced by many when they discovered that CNN host Chris Cuomo dedicated a segment of “Cuomo Prime […]

Voting Machines in PA Not Accepting Ballots

We’ve heard a lot in the past six months about elections and the process of counting our votes. Much of that has no doubt centered around the 2020 presidential elections and the massive increase of mail-in or absentee ballots. Such an increase, in addition to other voting process changes such as ballot drop boxes, has […]

Education to Resume in Fall as Biden Finally Listens

Parents have been asking for schools to open. Teachers have expressed frustration with teaching students over a computer screen. Employers have been impatient with allowing employees to work from home to accommodate virtual students. Even virtual students have been asking to go back into the classrooms to spend time with their friends and embrace hands-on […]

Maxine Waters Learns How it Feels to Be in the Hot Seat

Maxine Waters loves to be in the spotlight but not in the crosshairs. She is the type of person that loves to place others within her line of fire. She sees anyone as her enemy just moments away from having a dart stuck to their forehead. She is quick to accuse and even faster to […]

Faulty Fauci Grows a Brain and Starts to Think Like a Doctor

Drunken Anthony Fauci finally has come out of his Democratic hangover and realized the error of his ways and COVID-19. The annoying little man that loves to change his story has become America’s favorite doctor to hate. Each time his mouse-looking face graces the day, news people cannot help but gag and turn off their […]

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