Got Anxiety? Clear It Out Quick By Doing This

( – It can feel like we’re being attacked by something we can’t escape from when we feel intense emotional pain or anxiety… Unfortunately, too many of us have no foundational understanding on how to interact with emotions. It’s not our fault, really — we aren’t taught any of this in school… So how do […]

How To Self-Soothe At Any Age

5 Tips To Self Soothe Those Intolerable Feelings
  DO SOMETHING GOOD FOR YOURSELF TODAY. Many people think they need somebody else to make them feel better. But really, we can just as easily make ourselves feel better with the use our five senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing. Being able to calm yourself down on your own can make overwhelming situations […]

5 Ways to Avoid Toxic People

5 Ways To Avoid Toxic People
Having a generally bad temper, gossiping, being self-obsessed, or sucking up time are all signs of toxic behavior – but be discerning. There may be times where someone expresses a toxic behavior – but may not be a toxic person. Check out some of the differences: Related Article: Is Your Friendship Worth Keeping? Toxic people […]

Can You Actually Sleep 8 Hours With This Blanket

Could Adding This To Your Bedtime Take Pressure Off
Brooke was desperate to get a good night’s sleep. It had become routine for her to carry the stress of the day into bedtime. Her thoughts would race, and she could never seem to find a comfortable sleeping position. That was before she found this hack for sleep, stress, and anxiety….WEIGHTED BLANKETS! They feel like […]

5 Ways To Naturally Release Endorphins

5 Ways To Naturally Release Endorphins
If you’ve ever felt that rush of vitality and wellbeing after working out or hiking, you know what it feels like when endorphins get released into your system. Working out is a pretty consistent source of endorphins, but you don’t have to be a fitness junkie to trigger their release. Endorphins are produced mainly as […]

Read This Before You Walk Into A Room and Forget Why Again…

How To Keep Track Of Your Stuff
Ever walked into a room and forgot what you went there for? Feels pretty funky, huh? Even worse is when we can’t remember where we put that thing we really need right now. Luckily, we’ve got a few ideas to help turn that around…    Here are three hacks to help you remember where you […]

What To Say When Someone Is Struggling With Mental Illness

What To Say When Someone Is Struggling With Mental Illness
Mental illness literally is, by definition, all in your head. These types of illnesses cannot be seen — so on the outside, people may look totally fine yet feel terrible mentally and/or emotionally on the inside. When someone opens up to you about their mental illness, it’s okay if you don’t know what to say. […]

Shake Your Way to A Happier Day

Shake Your Way to A Happier Day
Yes, you can dance. No, don’t tell us you can’t. You can. We don’t care about your level of dance skill. You don’t even need to be able to stand. Some of us are expert clappers, finger tappers, head boppers, and chair dancers. Seriously. Just find your groove. Truth be told, it has been proven […]

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