Watch Jen Psaki Hilariously Attempt to Pin ‘Defund Police’ Movement on the GOP

White House press secretary Jan Psaki isn’t known for her kindness toward reporters from non-liberal...

Census Data Proves Americans Want to Governed by Conservatives

If anything indicates where our nation is headed or what values we hold dear, it’s a census. And for Democrats, the 2020 census was a doozy. Rememb ...Read More

Christmas Season in Peril As Psaki Blames It All on the Shipping Companies

Robert Petrovic/
The emptiness of shelves around the country is alarming a lot of people. They know

Biden Hides His Face and Acts Like No One Is in the Room

Andrew Cline /
Joe Biden acts like a bit of a child when confronted with questions he is

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Bills That Supposedly Go After Big Tech Being Written By Big Tech, Rep. Jordan Said of Microsoft

A whistleblower recently revealed that Microsoft may have been involved in developing antitrust legislation and...

Convicted Mosque Bomber Changes Gender in Mid-Stream…Hi Ho to Women’s Prison He Wants to Go

In 2017 an Illinois anti-government militia set off a pipebomb at Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington, Minnesota. Their plan of killing and ...Read More

Seattle School Cancels a Halloween-Themed Parade Because of Advice from Racial Equity “Experts”

Irina Tkachuk/
A Seattle elementary school has just canceled a Halloween-themed parade because the school administrators have

Republicans Enact Genius Plan to Nail Fauci on COVID Lies

America was lied to, there’s little debate about that. Most recently we’ve been lied to...

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Vice President Kamala Harris continues to face the problem of reporters asking why she has...

Taliban Mysteriously Go Offline…U.S. Network Host Cloudflare Isn’t Talking…Something’s Amiss

The Taliban are fond of boasting. Each time they claim victory in a new province, town, or village, they make certain word gets out to the rest of ...Read More

Florida Fines Leon County Millions Because They Are Enforcing Illegal Vaccine Mandates

The state of Florida is backing up the passed laws prohibiting counties from enforcing Biden’s

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