Watch Jen Psaki Hilariously Attempt to Pin ‘Defund Police’ Movement on the GOP

White House press secretary Jan Psaki isn’t known for her kindness toward reporters from non-liberal...

Texas Democrats Get Exactly What They Deserve for Childish Behavior

The Texas Democrats abandoned their posts and their people because they did not want to witness the passing of a bill that would make voting in Tex ...Read More

Facebook’s New Manipulation of Facts Has Even Liberals Questioning Their Ethics

Facebook is once again proving it’s willing to alienate users and damage its bottom line

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Bills That Supposedly Go After Big Tech Being Written By Big Tech, Rep. Jordan Said of Microsoft

A whistleblower recently revealed that Microsoft may have been involved in developing antitrust legislation and...

AZ Senate Pres: We Don’t Have Authority to Recall State’s Electors

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard all about the Arizona election audit that is still ongoing and likely quite a bit about the recent findings and resul ...Read More

Watch Arrogant Fauci Refuse to Answer Even the Simplest Question to Avoid Calling out Biden’s Lies

Dr. Fauci has been allowed to say whatever he wants over the course of the

Republicans Enact Genius Plan to Nail Fauci on COVID Lies

America was lied to, there’s little debate about that. Most recently we’ve been lied to...

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It is easy to see the ramifications of the labor shortage that has plagued employers ever since the COVID-19 lockdown. Now there are new reports th ...Read More

China’s Plans to Invade by Force

China likes to think big. They’re seeking global domination, and the process has already begun.

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