North Dakota Lawmakers Move to Allow Censored Citizens to Punish Social Media Giants

As Americans struggle with how to interact with social media in a post-censorship world, at...

New York Mayor Attempting to Punish Trump’s Businesses Before Return to Private Sector – Family Retaliates

New York City is doing its best to make the iconic Trump family seem unwelcome as their potential return looms. The city’s mayor announced on Wedne ...Read More

California’s Newsom Shuts Down Businesses and Churches Again, but Worry Not: Violent Protests Are Still Ok

Governor Newsom is at it again. It’s showing how the entire state of California is run on hypocrisy. Let’s shut down any opportunity to keep [...]

Is Impeaching Biden What the GOP is Working Toward?

Unity? Yeah, that’s not going to happen. There are too many GOP members of Congress

Uh Oh, Cobra Kai May Not Be Woke Enough

Why is it that everything has to be about race? Why can’t there be entertainment

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Is This Who’ve We Become? Watch a Young Woman React to a Delivery Woman’s Mask Slipping

2020 was filled with mask related hysteria and 2021 promises to be no different. Once...

Schumer Finds Unique Revenge on Trump Rally Attendees

Cancel culture has reached the little man after what was no doubt a scary experience for liberals last Wednesday. Thanks to the million-plus politi ...Read More

Thank You America! Goya Gets Boost Amid Controversy

When are the Democrats going to learn? The moment they decide to boycott a brand because of what a CEO says, it comes back to [...]

VP Pence Stands up for His Beliefs and Our Country, Refuses to Invoke 25th Amendment

The House currently plans to vote on a resolution that will allow Vice President Pence

Sorry AOC, Your Colleagues Hate You

It’s got to be hard being a Democrat in the House of Representatives. You’ve been...

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Who Took Out Iran’s Nuclear Manufacturing Facilities?

Those who have been paying close attention have been watching the news that is coming out of Iran very closely. There was an incident at [...]

China Has Donated Billions to American Universities Because They Truly Care…Now…Find out the Real Reason

Organizations with strong ties to China’s military have taken a keen interest in American universities.

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