Defiance of Biden: Another State Stands up to Biden Administration’s Fear Mongering with Radically Conservative Move on Vaccine Passports

Despite intense pressure from the Biden administration, the nation is slowly pivoting away from the...

China Deployed an Internet Army to Social Media Platforms…You Might Be One of Their Millions of Unaware Followers…Better Read This

China’s Communist Party thrives on propaganda. They paint exquisite masterpieces depicting a Utopian land of milk and honey that has never existed ...Read More

Facebook’s New Manipulation of Facts Has Even Liberals Questioning Their Ethics

Facebook is once again proving it’s willing to alienate users and damage its bottom line

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CDC Faces the Wrath of DeSantis as He Leads the Way to Justice in Pivotal Lawsuit

The lustful Democrats have the disastrous desire to gain as much power as they can...

When Censorship Is Not Enough for Big Tech They Resort to Bullying

Social media has become the favorite way for people to connect and share things that matter to them the most. The federal government protects the c ...Read More

Watch Arrogant Fauci Refuse to Answer Even the Simplest Question to Avoid Calling out Biden’s Lies

Dr. Fauci has been allowed to say whatever he wants over the course of the

Speaker of House Makes Epic Mistake with All Black Men Looking the Same

Aren’t the people claiming that there’s systemic racism in the country supposed to be the...

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Gang members are portrayed as heavily tattoed street thugs. They’re noted for battling with rival gangs to maintain their claimed turf, and for ter ...Read More

China’s Plans to Invade by Force

China likes to think big. They’re seeking global domination, and the process has already begun.

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